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The Kintyre 66 Driving Route

If you thought the only route 66 was that iconic Highway 66 that starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re more than happy to put you right on this of course – because there is another route 66 right here in Scotland, the Kintyre 66. It is a great route if you have a campervan hire and want to explore a beautifully scenic corner of Scotland that includes white sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, historic castles and wonderful food and drink.

Unspoilt coastlines, beautiful beaches and green landscapes.

Kintyre is so beautiful it inspired a Paul McCartney song – so it has to be pretty impressive. There’s history here as well as wildlife, (there’s a mix of deer, seals, otters and birds as well as the odd sheep – so keep your eyes peeled!) and nature in all its glory. You’ll also find local produce such as fresh seafood and scotch whisky which is always worth stopping your journey for.

This is one road you really want to travel.

If you’ve never been to Scotland before or you have never traversed this part of the country, you may find yourself never wanting to come back to reality once you do. Having time out from the worries and stresses of the past couple of years and taking a break from work and school will be a welcome relief to many. 

A gentle but much needed break from the world.

The Kintyre 66 route is a gentle break away from the familiarity of your own neighbourhood, but not too far away to give you other things to worry about. The Kintyre 66 route is far enough away to forget everything for a little time, but close enough to make you feel safe. We often forget how beautiful our own country, landscape, coastlines and beaches are, but Kintyre certainly reminds us of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country.

Wildlife, beaches, skylines, anchorages, stones and castles –  a fairytale in the making.

First you have the wildlife, and the coastline not only brings you beaches and beautiful skylines, but anchorages that take you to another world, and then of course you have the ancient clan castles. As well as the magical castles we have the mystical stones, the standing stones as they are known. If you have children to bring along then they will have their imagination kindled so beautifully you may find it hard to get them back in your motorhome!

A road like no other.

If you take the Kintyre route 66 you’ll go the whole 66 miles that take you through the A83 and B842 which are public roads, and from these roads you can venture further. You can take roads off these at any time and explore further south or north to explore small villages and coastlines that look over the islands of Islay or Jura, or Arran.

The six key areas of Kintyre.

There are 6 main areas within Kintyre and the 66 route helps you to find and explore them at greater length. These 6 areas are Southend, Machrihanish, Campbeltown, West Kintyre, East Kintyre, Gigha and Tarbert.

Our motorhomes and campervans give you all the comfort you need.

Of course if you hire one of our motorhomes it’s unlikely that you will need to consider renting a room anywhere nor will you need to worry about where or how to park. Our motorhomes are easy to maintain and you’ll never have to worry about finding somewhere to stay if all the hotels you pass are full. 

Still fancy a hotel stay?

However, should you decide to stay along the way, for a bit of atmosphere, then there are certainly some B&Bs opening since lockdown that are ready to receive a few guests. The K66 loop will certainly throw up some beautiful places to stay. 

Make sure you’ve brought the right clothes to make the most of the landscape.

When you get out of your motorhome, you’ll be wanting to stretch your legs, so what better way to do it than in the kind of outerwear that’s not going to let you down. It’s best to bring along some hiking boots, or trainers so you can explore without risk of injury or mud or water entering your shoes. 

The weather can change but you’ll have plenty to do and see.

Make sure you bring beachwear and suitable protective clothing for water sports so you can really enjoy yourself if that’s your thing, and bring clothes you can dance in because there are bound to be places where you can let your hair down. It goes without saying that sunscreen and extra layers are a must in case of too much sun or the weather changes suddenly – as it’s likely to do up in Scotland. 

How long will it take to travel K66?

It doesn’t have to be done all in one day. Take your time and enjoy it at leisure, that way you’ll take more in and remember it. There’s no need to rush, you have all the time in the world. There are many walks, trails, places to visit and so many different things to see that it would be a shame to miss any of it.

You can go in any direction you like as we’ve already mentioned earlier, so take whichever path that branches off if you think you’d like to see a sunrise/sunset from a particular coastline. 

Our motorhomes offer you the perfect way to explore Kintyre.

If you’re hiring one of our motorhomes feel safe in the knowledge that there are dedicated spaces along the route for you to park up and relax. You can always ask along the way if you’re unsure where these are. If you don’t use them, always make sure you’re considerate of other drivers when you do park up. Someone will usually know the best places to stopover so don’t be shy about asking.

Road signs will show you the way.

You’ll find there are plenty of road signs along the way so you’ll be able to turn your satnav off if you feel you don’t want to be hampered by it and want to roam the route free. The places you’ve identified on a map will be easy enough to find by name on the road signs – so keep an eye out.


Motorhome Escapes – Hire a Motorhome or Campervan

If you’re looking to get away for the first time in a long while, then you’ll find we can provide the best way for you to enjoy your time on the Kintyre 66. Our motorhome hire can house up to 6 people and are beautifully furnished within. We have everything you need to relax and unwind with fully usable bathrooms and kitchen facilities, the sleeping and living areas are comfortable and spacious and there’s plenty of storage space. Explore our motorhomes for hire and see what we have available, and then why not give us a call for a no obligation quote? Don’t delay – don’t you think you deserve a break?

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