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Travelling Responsibly in Scotland

We aim to ensure all of our customers enjoy their time in Scotland and Scotland enjoys having them as visitors. It’s important that visitors and locals respect their surroundings, both in towns & cities and in the beautiful countryside that so many people venture out to enjoy. 

In recent years tourist businesses, local businesses, tourist destinations and communities across Scotland have worked together to develop a balanced and sustainable tourism industry that works for everyone. We understand that trying to be a sustainable and responsible tourist can be overwhelming at times, so we’ve tried to make it easier for you with a simple guide.

So, what is sustainable and responsible tourism?

Sustainable tourism is travelling or holidaying in a way that is eco-friendly, protecting the landscapes and environment that so many people want to enjoy. Responsible tourism takes into consideration the wider impact that a trip could have on local economies, Scottish communities and the people who live there.

Overnight Parking Responsibly

We strongly encourage parking in campsites or designated motorhome stops whenever possible, we can help you plan out your trip accordingly to this end. In instances when there is no campsite, or they are full, there may be no option for you other than to free camp, however, this has to be done in a responsible way.

  • Make overnight stops, arrive late and leave early.
  • Be respectful of others, use common sense.
  • Leave no trace, the site should be left as you found it.
  • Don’t park in front of homes, spoiling their view.
  • Don’t park blocking a farmer’s gate.
  • Don’t park in beauty spots taking up parking spaces.
  • Don’t park overnight if there is a sign prohibiting it.
  • Don’t empty toilets or grey waste anywhere other than at specifically designated locations that you’ll find at places such as campsites, you can find a list of waste disposal points here. This is very important and illegal dumping of waste can result in the police being informed and your holiday being ended immediately without refund.

Driving Responsibly

Please drive in a respectful manner when you’re touring Scotland and be considerate of other road users. It’s important to pull over regularly to allow traffic behind you to pass, many people on the roads will be locals going about their daily business. When parking, please do so with consideration for others and never park in a passing place.

Enjoy Your Trip

Please make the most of what Scotland has to offer. If you follow our guidance you’ll be most welcome in local communities across the country whose businesses thrive off of the custom of travellers passing through.

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