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Top Tips For a Dog Friendly Motorhome Holiday

A pet friendly motorhome hire vehicle is the perfect choice for families travelling with dogs. Many people love to explore the best of what nature has to offer, with their dog, particularly in more rural parts of Scotland, where breathtaking beauty often appears in the most unlikely of places.

The great outdoors is one of life’s simple pleasures, especially if you’re breathing in fresh air, and hopefully some sunshine, with your family dog. Dogs love exploring wide open spaces, from spectacular hills and mountains to vast sandy beaches. Scotland has an endless list of outdoor activities for all of the family, including your pets.

Fantastic Dog-Friendly Activities Around Scotland

Endless Beaches

Why not take your dog on a walk on one of Scotland’s many stunning beaches? Dogs love playing on the sand, running for miles and taking a dip in the sea. And, if you’re brave enough you can too!


Scotland is world famous for its lochs, stunning scenery, wildlife and tranquillity of nature. What better place to recharge your batteries, stretch your legs, enjoy the fresh air and let your four legged friend roam free.

Countryside, Woodland and Mountains

Take your adventurous pet out to explore the Scottish wild countryside, whether it’s dense woodlands, open glens, or mountainous trails. It’s fantastic exercise for you and your family and can take in some stunning locations, for the duration of your holiday.

Historical Sites

It’s not always widely appreciated, but Scotland is a country rich in history, and there are many sites, including royal castles and ancient ruins that can be explored to your heart’s content. Dogs love the scent of somewhere new and will find many things to excite and amuse them.


This may be an acquired taste for some, but if you do like canoeing, sailing or surfing, chances are your dog would love to join in. Make sure they have their doggy life jacket and they will be as happy as you are to be out on the water.

Why Choose Pet Friendly Motorhome Hire?

Many people choose pet friendly motorhome hire and tour Scotland for their family holiday. They love the freedom and flexibility that driving in a motorhome brings. That way they can plan their destination or simply drive to wherever they fancy, on any given day. Why should your dog miss out on the family fun? A dog friendly motorhome hire vehicle is big enough and comfortable enough for your family and your pet to enjoy every second of your time on the road, wherever that takes you. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about hefty kennel bills, finding someone to look after them properly, or the emotional distress of parting with them before you go.

Our Top Tips For a Dog Friendly Holiday

There is so much to see and do when travelling in a pet friendly motorhome, but if you’ve not done this before, it’s obvious that your dog’s specific needs will require to be taken into consideration before you travel, with a degree of careful planning needed beforehand. To make sure your holiday is memorable for the right reasons follow these simple tips for travelling in a dog friendly motorhome:

  • Dogs often get anxious when travelling, particularly in an unfamiliar vehicle, so get them used to it by taking a number of short journeys in it beforehand
  • Let your dog choose their spot within the vehicle, as long as it’s safe, and provide them with any treats there, so they’ll return to that spot
  • If your dog gets anxious while travelling, speak to your vet about using mild sedatives to reduce that anxiety
  • Never leave your pet unattended in a caravan or motorhome, particularly when the weather is hot. Fresh air should always be circulating through the vehicle while driving too, either from  air conditioning, an open window, or a fan
  • Don’t forget regular toilet breaks are required and your dog will also need to be walked, fed and watered frequently
  • If your dog is small or elderly, think about accessories and modifications available for your motorhome. Features such as ramps for easy access, travel beds and specially designed dog bowls are worth considering to ensure your dog’s comfort
  • GPS collars can be purchased to remove the worry about your beloved pet wandering off and getting lost. In any event you should ensure your dog’s collar and tag display your current phone number

Pet-Friendly Motorhome Hire

Motorhome Escapes has a choice of dog friendly motorhome hire vehicles and you’ll not only save money on hotels but you’ll also save money on kennel bills, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on your family and your dog!  After all, your dog is your best and most loyal friend, so why leave them out?

Why not hire one of our motorhomes and go where the road takes you? Get in touch with us here at Motorhome Escapes, and we’ll help you to choose a perfect vehicle for you and your dog to get-away!

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