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Adrenaline Rush Activities in Scotland

If you’re looking for thrilling activities in Scotland then we’ve compiled a guide to a range of activities that will give you the rush you’re looking for.

Bungee Jumping

You’ll know what bungee jumping is as it’s a popular way of getting that all important adrenalin feel. Scotland has a number of great jumping locations as you can imagine, as it has such beautiful landscapes from which to choose. Two locations are offered with one particular company, which are Garry Bridge in Killiecrankie and the Titan Crane in Clydebank, in Glasgow.

Cliff Jumping

If you like something really exciting, then why not try cliff jumping. All you’ll need to be able to do is swim. You’ll need a qualified instructor with you and you can jump right away. Usually jumping starts from around 15ft and as you get better you increase the height. You’ll be shown the right techniques for jumping by your instructors so don’t worry about that.

Bridge Swing

How about swinging at a very high speed under a bridge? This is what bridge swinging is all about. You fall and then swing, and after you’ve done that you’ll be taken back to shore so you can do the whole thing again! The Bridge Orchy is the venue so it’s not far from Glasgow.


Skydiving is another iconic favourite for risk taking and adrenaline junkies everywhere. Skydive Strathallan offer some great skydiving experiences and they’ve been doing this since the beginning of the 1960s, so you’re in safe hands.

Off-Road Driving

If you fancy driving over some rugged terrain then look no further than off-driving. Make sure you choose someone with years of experience so you have the right amount of tuition, so you can have a great time, safely. As you probably know, Scotland offers some great terrain to drive through, so you won’t be short of areas in which to practice.

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming encompasses rivers, lakes or waterfalls for a truly invigorating experience. Go as a group or alone for an experience of a lifetime.

River Bugging

This is a popular outdoor sport in New Zealand and it’s picking up in popularity here in the UK. You go down the river in what appears to be an inflatable armchair. A river bug is the best way to enjoy a river and you can go as a group so you increase the fun factor.  

Gorge Walking

You can go as a family or as a group of friends. Gorge walking will give you pools, slides and hidden waterfalls for you to experience. There’ll be jumps too and you’ll follow a natural water course and spend time scrambling, swimming and coursing along before travelling down rock slides and cliff jumps.

Visit Scotland’s Adrenaline Rush Hotspots in a Motorhome Hire

As you’ve already seen, Scotland has a variety of exciting activities you can enjoy throughout the country. If you’d like to try one, or a few of them, and perhaps take in some other sights along the way, then there’s no better way to combine travel and accommodation than a luxury motorhome hire. Our vehicles allow you to travel in complete comfort and offer a place to rest your head at the end of each day, without having to worry about a long journey back to a hotel or bed and breakfast. Visit our motorhome hire page to find out more and get in touch if you have any questions.

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