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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to the entire contents of this website under the domain name (the “website”) and to any correspondence by e-mail or webmail between us and you. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the website. Using the website indicates that you accept these terms and conditions.



Unless by prior agreement all drivers must be present for collection of the motorhome. No exceptions can be made.

Driving licenses must show that the driver is qualified to drive a Category B vehicle weighted up to 3,500Kg.

All drivers confirm by signing this agreement that they have none of the following conviction codes on their license within the last 5 years: AC,BA, CD40-71, DD, DR, IN, LC30-50, MS40-90, UT Signing this agreement and driving the vehicle with any of the above offence codes on your license within the last 5 years is an offence and invalidates the insurance, and the hirer will be liable for all and any costs incurred by Motorhome Escapes in the event of any damages or insurance claims as a result of the hire.

We do not accept all male or all female groups unless by prior arrangement in writing. We do not allow any of our motorhomes at any Music festivals such as T in the Park, Glastonbury, RockNess etc, or Sports events such as Moto X etc, unless by prior arrangement in writing. 

No one other than the drivers named in the proposal forms may drive the hired vehicles. All named drivers must be between the ages of 28 and 70 to hire a motorhome, or 25 and 70 to hire a small VW type campervan. Our insurers ‘may’ be able to provide insurance for drivers over 70, and such drivers must contact us first for confirmation. All drivers must be of good health and have held a full/valid driving licence for at least three years. 

The licence must be clear of any endorsements apart from up to six points for Speeding Offences

Drivers must confirm if there are any other current endorsements or special conditions that may apply.

Driver must declare at time of booking if they have had more than one ‘fault claim’ within the last 3 years. Failure to disclose such claims may result in refusal of hire should this information come to light prior to collecting the vehicle. 

All licences required must be produced at vehicle collection; if this is a photo-card licence you must produce both the card and the counterpart licence. 

Persons with serious convictions within the last eleven years will not be permitted to drive the hire vehicles (including drink driving offences). 

Visitors from abroad (does not apply to EU Countries) are advised to obtain an International licence. 

It does not automatically disqualify you from driving if you do not meet the required criteria, but we will need to refer you to our insurance company to check if they will offer insurance cover.

Atleast a week prior to collection of the vehicle, the following need to be provided by emailing These are required by our insurers, FOR ALL DRIVERS, in order to meet the terms of our insurance. If these cannot be provided, we will not be able to insure the vehicle, and therefore will not be able to handover the vehicle to you …

  • Scan of photo of BOTH sides of the driving license for ALL drivers. You will also be required to present your license on arrival too.
  • ALL DRIVERS must attend the vehicle briefing at the collection address
  • An up to date DVLA Check code for ALL drivers (only for UK license holders). Previous check codes are only valid for 3 weeks. You can get your check code here …
  • ESSENTIAL : ALL drivers must provide a total of 2 proofs of address from the following: –
    • 1x primary and 1x secondary, or 2x primary proof of address

Primary Proof of Address:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Broadband/Landline
  • Council tax
  • TV licence
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit card bill / statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Polling card
  • HMRC self-assessment / tax credit

An annual council tax bill will be accepted. All other documents must be dated within

90 days of the hire

Secondary Proof of Address:

  • Student loan
  • Shotgun licence
  • Payslip
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Pension letters
  • Car Finance Statement
  • Loan Statement
  • Property deed

Documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire

Electronic copies, and pictures are accepted as long as they show NAME, ADDRESS (to match that on your license), and date. If your statements are online, all online accounts WILL have a method to ‘download’ the statement. You can scan the document, take a photo, or screenshot the statement as long as we can see name, address and date.


Additional Driver Criteria :

  • All drivers must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 36 months
  • All drivers must be aged between 28-70 unless prior agreed.
  • No more than one fault or outstanding incident/claim in the last three 
  • No more than 6 points on the license unless by prior approval. Two, 3 point convictions are acceptable (i.e. 2x SP30’s, 3pts each) 


Pet Policy

We have some motorhomes assigned as ‘pet friendly motorhomes‘. Customers must declare at the time of booking if they wish to bring a pet, in which case, subject to availability, a pet friendly vehicle will be assigned to the booking. If bringing a pet, the hire will be subject to a “Pet Add On” fee. 

Unauthorised pet charge of £250 will be charged if a pet is brought into the vehicle and the hirer has not purchased the Pet Add On fee.

Customers may travel with a maximum of two well-behaved, medium sized dogs.

When travelling with a pet the Customer agrees that: 

  • They will take reasonable measures to keep the pet under control during the rental period
  • They will not allow their pet on any of the soft furnishings or upholstery (this includes the beds, seats/sofas).
  • Will bring pet blankets to cover seating areas to minimise hair transferral
  • Their pet will not be left in the vehicle unattended at any time
  • They have the sole responsibility for ensuring adequate safe restraint of the pet whilst driving
  • They will keep the vehicle free of fouling by the pet during the rental period
  • They will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the pet is free of fleas or mites in advance of the rental period

The vehicle should be returned in a clean and tidy condition. In the event of the vehicle being returned with evidence of fouling or an infestation, the customer agrees to pay the reasonable cost of professional cleaning and/or de-infestation.

Motorhome Escapes only permits dogs to travel in its vehicles. All other types of pet, including cats, is strictly prohibited.

Generally, larger dogs or puppies are only accepted at our discretion and if so may be subject to an increased security deposit and insurance excess.


Payment of Charges Joint and Several Liabilities

All charges and expenses payable by the hirer under this Agreement are due on demand of Motorhome Escape Ltd

If the hirer does not pay all charges when due, the hirer agrees to pay a late charge of 1.75% per month on the outstanding balance and any collection costs incurred by Motorhome Escapes Ltd including reasonable legal fees.

When the Customer comprises of more than one person, each person is liable jointly and severally for all obligations of the customer pursuant to this Agreement.

Cancellation of Bookings 

Cancellations must be in writing, and are charged as follows: Should you cancel your confirmed booking more than 6 weeks prior to commencement of hire you will forfeit the non-refundable booking deposit. Full payment is due 6 weeks prior to collection of vehicle. Failure to pay the balance by 6 weeks prior to the collection of the vehicle, will be treated as cancellation by the hirer and all sums paid will be forfeit. Should you cancel your confirmed booking up to 6 weeks prior to, or fail to turn up for commencement of hire, you will forfeit the booking deposit and hire charge already paid. This will also apply if, upon inspection of named drivers’ licences, they are found to be invalid or do not comply with the information stated on the booking form. Motorhome Escapes recommend that the hirer takes out holiday insurance with cancellation cover.



Upon confirmation of booking reservation, a non-refundable reservation deposit payment of £200 or 30% of the total hire invoice (whichever is the greater) is taken. Full payment is due 45 days prior to collection of vehicle. 

See below for policy on late returns and the Insurance section on how damages will be handled. There will be a £25 booking fee applicable to all bookings.

A 3% card fee is levied on all payments made from international credit or debit cards, where the card holders bank does not reside within the UK. This fee is not collected by Motorhome Escapes Ltd, but is the International Transaction Fee imposed by the card payment processing company, “Stripe”.


Discounts and Promotional Offers

No discounts, promotional offers, or like for like price match can be applied retrospectively after a reservation has been made. 


Our Obligations 

If the Motorhome previously booked by the hirer is not available due to accident, fire, theft, mechanical issue, electrical issue or weather conditions, then we will endeavour to supply a replacement motorhome of similar size and specification. If this is not possible then we will refund your hire fees for any whole days for which we cannot provide you a vehicle. If a breach of terms and conditions have occurred, then we reserve the right to not refund any monies whatsoever. Motorhome Escapes will have no obligation whatsoever with regard to refunding any monies paid for campsites booked, events booked, travel booked, or any other circumstances.

In the event of a breakdown of your motorhome or an accident caused by a third party, we will make all reasonable endeavours to replace the motorhome subject to availability and location. Subject to terms and conditions not being breached by the renter, then if we cannot supply a replacement motorhome, then we will refund your hire fees for any whole days for which you lose total use of the motorhome. If a breach of terms and conditions have occurred, then we reserve the right to not refund any monies whatsoever.

We will provide 24-hour road service free of charge subject to this Agreement.



Motorhome prices quoted include insurance for one named driver. Additional drivers can be added for a nightly fee as detailed in the Prices page. Customers wishing to provide their own comprehensive insurance for the motorhome should detail this at time of requesting a booking to receive a quote for motorhome rental minus our insurance; this insurance must be fully comprehensive and for a motorhome of atleast £60,000. Customer opting for their own vehicle insurance will be subject to a refundable damage deposit (see below) of £2,000.

Our provided insurance, insures the named drivers during the hire period only as detailed on the booking form, up to any first incidence or reported incidence. Up to two additional drivers can be added at an additional charge; prices available on request and on our website.

3 days prior to vehicle pickup, a damage deposit/deductable is held against your credit card as a pre-authorisation. This preauthorisation is not a charge and no funds have been debited from your account. The lead driver for each motorhome must use their credit card for the full value of the pre-authorisation. Any additional driver(s), in addition to the standard nightly fee to add to the insurance, must also pay a one time £1 payment from a credit card in their name. This is because our insurance requires that all drivers make a payment or pre-authorisation using a card in their name for traceability, in order to meet the conditions provided by the insurers.

Subject to no damages, this hold is released 7 days after the end of the rental, provided the vehicle is returned safely and undamaged. An inspection will be conducted upon return of vehicles following the vehicle being washed off.  

If upon return, any damage to the body work is found, or significant damage to the interior, then the full damage deposit will be claimed at that time. Damages will be sent to the body shop for assessment of costs for repairs and replacements. Estimates can take up to 14 days dependent upon how busy the body shop is. We have no control over this. Once costs are determined, and if an insurance claim is not raised, the hirer will be informed, and should costs be less than the value of the security deposit retained, then the remainder will be refunded to the card that the security deposit was paid with. If an insurance claim has been raised, then the security deposit will be retained towards the insurance excess.

The standard damage deposit/deductable is £1,200 for all drivers and covers only any first incident or reported incident (not the entire duration of the rental) and the proper return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was let out to the hirer. At the time of the first incident, a card payment for a second deposit/deductable will be required in order to continue to be insured and to continue with the rental. 

Customers who wish to provide their own vehicle insurance will be subject to a £2,000 security deposit/deductable. 

Any insurance claim is subject to an insurance excess of £1,200 which will be deducted from the damage deposit/deductable.

Any damage to the vehicle during the hire period that is not covered by an insurance claim will be deducted from the deductable/deposit; this will include any loss of equipment, and there will be an hourly labour rate of £65/hour plus VAT applicable to in house repairs required.


IMPORTANT : If Customer Fills the Water Tank With Diesel

If diesel has been filled into the water tank, DO NOT TURN ON ANY TAPS ! INFORM MOTORHOME ESCAPES IMMEDIATLEY.

Return to Motorhome Escapes immediately where we will empty out the water tank to prevent diesel entering the water pipes, taps and boiler. The rental will be cancelled with any costs incurred being charged to the hirer. If the taps have been run, the cost to replace the full water system will be £6,500 and will be payable in full by the hirer.


Customer responsibility when accident/incident happens :
a) In the event of any accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the motorhome, you will
i. Notify Motorhome Escapes immediately.
ii. Obtain the names and addresses of third parties and any witnesses and report the event to the nearest police station
iii. Complete an accident claim form as supplied
iv. If the accident occurs in Europe then in addition you must complete the European accident report form as supplied
v. Not make any admission of liability to other parties, settlement offer or other like offer
vi. Assist Motorhome Escapes in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending Court to give evidence
b) You acknowledge that the excess or other amount due by you in respect of any damage arising from an accident, loss or damage is payable at the time of reporting the event and not at the completion of the Rental Period, regardless of which party is at fault, and a second card payment for an additional security deposit will be required at that time in order to continue the rental
c) You will pay for any costs relating to the delivery of a change over motorhome as a result of an accident regardless of which party is at fault
d) No Security Deposit or insurance excess will be refunded until any claim is settled

Any damage to tyres, wing mirrors and windscreen and any theft of personal property or personal injury is not covered by our standard insurance, and any such damage shall be at your expense. 

Any damage to the interior of the motorhome, is not covered by our insurance, and any such damage shall be at your expense.

The hirer irrevocably authorises Motorhome Escapes to deduct from the deductable/deposit any amounts due to Motorhome Escapes arising out of this agreement. In the event of an insurance claim, regardless of fault, the deductable/deposit will be retained until the insurers have settled the claim. Please note, this can be a lengthy process and is out of Motorhome Escapes control.

The following are not covered by insurance, therefore the hirer accepts full liability for these, which is in addition to the standard vehicle deductable/deposit should that apply :

(a) Mechanical problems E.g. clutch/gearbox due to driver negligence.

(b) Any damage caused by a negligent act.

(c) Replacement or repair of aerials, glass, wheels or incorrect fuelling.

(d) Missing wheel trims, tools or spares.

(e) Damage to the underside of the vehicle or the roof, which includes the overhead “Luton” area, is not covered under any insurance and any damage to these areas is deemed as gross negligence. Any such damage will be charged at a fixed cost of £2500 plus the full insurance deductable/deposit on your vehicle.

(f) In the event of the theft of the Vehicle, the hirer will be liable for the full cost of the Vehicle; once a theft has been reported to both Motorhome Escapes and the police, a claim will be lodged with the insurer. The keys must be returned to Motorhome Escapes. Should the insurer accept the claim and agrees to reimburse Motorhome Escapes for the cost of the Vehicle, the liability to the hirer will reduce to the higher of £1200.00 of the claim (excess) or a higher excess value if such higher excess was a condition of the hire . Please note: if the keys are not returned to Motorhome Escapes, the insurer will not accept the claim and liability for the full cost of the Vehicle will remain with the hirer.

(g) Windscreen, and tyre damage is not covered by the standard vehicle insurance. Windscreen and tyre damage can be covered if purchasing CDW, Collision Damage Waiver detailed below.

The hirer agrees to pay Motorhome Escapes any additional costs over and above the deductable/deposit value should damages exceed the deductable/deposit value within 28 days of your hire.

Motorhome Escapes recommend that the hirer takes out their own personal belongings insurance.

Driving by non-named drivers and any late returns of Motorhomes renders the insurance invalid and the driver therefore commits an offence under the road traffic act and will be solely responsible for any damages or personal injuries incurred.

Late returns will be surcharged at the rate of £100.00 per hour plus VAT, or part hour thereof.

There will be an administration charge of £50 plus VAT applied for Motorhome Escapes to provide any documents including damage reports to customers or third party companies to assist customers with claiming from their own independent insurers. This is to cover the expense and time of Motorhome Escapes processing such paperwork, emails, scanning of documents, handling phone calls for such third party claims.



Collision Damage Waiver at £35.00 per night will reduce the GB£1200.00 excess for damage caused due to a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) or collision (i.e. reported accident) to either the Vehicle or third party property to £500. It will also cover the cost of replacement tyres or windscreen. However, it will not cover any damage to the Vehicle or third party property caused through a reversing manoeuvre, any damage deemed as malicious i.e. Vehicle break in or vandalism, any damage resulting in the replacement or repair of motorhome windows (other than the windscreen) or wing mirrors, nor cover the theft of the Vehicle. No insurance cover is offered for Overhead Damage, any damaged deemed as gross negligence or any internal damages therefore full liability will apply. This applies in respect of the first incident and / or claim, not the entire duration of the rental. A payment on the customer’s credit card will be required at that time for the full value of the security deposit, in order to continue the journey and avoid cancellation of the hire. Once an accident has occurred CDW cannot be restarted and standard insurance terms will apply. The incident must be reported to Motorhome Escapes within 24 hours otherwise the CDW cover will not be applicable. Maximum charge term for CDW is 21 nights. 


Should the Terms and Conditions not be adhered to, the CDW will be void and the Customer will be liable in full for all costs and damages. Please note that the CDW is completely optional and can be decided upon collection of your Vehicle. After the hire has commenced, CDW cannot be taken out. CDW cannot be offered to drivers over the age of 70.


Limitations & Liabilities 

Motorhome Escapes accepts no responsibility for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other loss claims arising from a Motorhome breakdown, malfunction or accident. Customers are recommended to take out holiday insurance.

Please note :  the motorhome depot is a busy location with many moving heavy vehicles. It is the sole responsibility of parents, custodians and guardians of children to maintain control and supervision of children they are responsible for, AT ALL TIMES. Motorhome Escapes will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents resulting in injury or death to children due to lack of supervision by their parents, guardians or custodians. There is an office portcabin at the depot with seating and it is recommended that one parent, guardian or custodian stay with their children within this office whilst another adult member(s) of the hiring party attend a vehicle briefing within the motorhome.


The Hirer 

The hirer is liable for any cost incurred for speeding or parking fines, congestion charges or any other offences committed against the road traffic act regulations. Customers agree to inform Motorhome Escapes at the time of incurring a speeding/parking/congestion charge or offence and again upon return of the vehicle, and the customer is required to settle any such fine/charge incurred. There will be an admin fee charge of £50 plus VAT imposed should Motorhome Escapes be required to deal with any councils or authorities to address any such charges or offences.  The hirer must remember that although these are leisure vehicles, it is an offence to drink and drive. The hirer undertakes responsibility for the control of the vehicle on hire to you. The hirer Is liable for all overhead damage to the vehicle resulting from any accident. The maximum height of the vehicle is clearly stated. The hirer shall not tow any trailer or vehicle behind the hired vehicle. The hirer shall not carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle, as defined in the vehicle specifications, or allow the vehicle to be overloaded. The hirer shall ensure that the driver and all passengers required by law to do so shall wear the seat belts provided at all times when the vehicle is being driven. The hirer shall not use the vehicle to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward. The hirer is liable for all loss or damage arising from theft while the ignition keys of the vehicle have been left in or on the vehicle. The hirer shall not, without written consent from Motorhome Escapes, remove the vehicle from the UK mainland.


Breakdown & Accidents 

In the event of a breakdown or accident, a recovery and repair service is provided for all our motorhomes (details inside vehicles). You are authorised to spend £100 on any necessary repairs and/or replacement parts, and we will reimburse you against a valid VAT receipt. Any repair above £100 will have to be authorised by Motorhome Escapes. Any breakdown, malfunction or damage caused by your negligence must be repaired/made good at your own expense.

Mileage Charges 

The first 1000 miles per week is free. After this a charge of 30 pence per mile plus VAT will be applied. Hires less than a week will have an allowance of 145 per day (so 4 night hire would have allowance of 580 miles).

Restricted Roads

Hirers/drivers should be aware of the following roads advisories, and roads that are not permitted to be driven on subject to this rental agreement.

A82 between Tarbet and Crianlarich (“wing mirror alley”). Customers are strongly advised NOT to drive this road, due to the number of mirrors that are lost on this road. Very narrow. Mirrors lost are expensive and will be charged to the hirer.

The “Drumbeg Loop” – B869 between Lochinver and Unapool, passing via Drumbeg. This is road is NOT suitable for motorhomes. It is a VERY narrow road, with a steep drop to one side and the scene of many accidents. Customers are NOT insured to drive this road.

The road heading south from Lochinver, through Inverkirkaig to Loch Lurgainn. This is not passable by motorhomes, and motorhomes will get stuck here. It will be impossible to reverse out. Customers are NOT insured to drive this road

Applecross Pass – the “Bealach na Ba”. Customers are NOT insured to drive this by entering from the East side of the pass (ie. from the Russel end). There is a clear sign saying “No Motorhomes”. This pass is only to be driven from the Applecross end, driving Eastwards towards Russel. Treat this road as a one way, West to East. Customers are only to attempt to drive to Applecross via the coastal road from Shieldaig



The motorhome and its contents remain the property of Motorhome Escapes at all times. The hirer is required to keep the vehicle securely locked at all times when it is left unattended, and to refrain from any action or omission which may prejudice Motorhome Escapes rights to the vehicle. The following are strictly prohibited in our Motorhomes and Motorhome Escapes reserves the right to retain in part or whole the refundable deposit if additional deep cleaning or repair is required upon return of the vehicle due to: Smoking Pets – unless the hirer has declared the desire to bring a pet at the time of booking and has received confirmation that they have been assigned one of our ‘pet friendly’ motorhomes. Motorhome Escapes reserves the right to vary rates and conditions at any time. Motorhome Escapes offer paid for car parking. Vehicles are left entirely at the owners’ risk. Only one allocated parking space is provided per Motorhome hire, with additional vehicle parking available at an additional charge; prices available on request. Please be advised if looking into flights and travel requirements, that our standard opening hours are 9am to 5pm, with standard collection time of 3pm (or earlier with prior agreement) and standard return time of 11am. Vehicles are typically cleaned and prepared between 11am and 3pm.. Briefings and vehicle handover typically take 30mins to 1hr 30 mins depending on size of party and questions etc. So please factor this in.

For late arrivals after 5pm, depending on availability of our staff, we may be able to accommodate this, subject to an out of hours fee of £100.


Vehicle Conditions 

The hirer acknowledges delivery of the vehicle and it’s contents, free from defects or damage, other than as specified by Motorhome Escapes. Before the commencement of hire, the hirer is advised to check the vehicle thoroughly before leaving the premises of Motorhome Escapes. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when hired, with the interior and appliances clean. A charge of up to £60 plus VAT will be charged if the interior and appliances are not returned clean. Cleaning materials are provided within the motorhome. 

There will be a £55 plus VAT charge for the cleaning of dirty or stained carpets or upholstery including the removal of pet hairs (for pet friendly vehicles). Customer’s in pet friendly motorhomes are requested to place covers over upholstery. There will be a deep cleaning surcharge imposed of £250 plus VAT should there be evidence indicating that a customer has allowed a pet into one of the ‘no-pet’ vehicles.

Cleaning of Chemical Toilets

Please note that chemical toilets must be returned fully emptied, rinsed and cleaned since we do not have a chemical disposal point. Customers need to empty chemical toilets at a campsite on their final morning prior to returning the vehicle to our depot.

If the toilet cassette is not returned clean and empty, there will be a £100 charge should we be required to empty and clean the toilet. If at our discretion, we permit you to empty and clean the toilet at our location, into our toilet, there will be a £50 charge to cover our costs for emptying of our onsite septic tank, and the cleaning/de-contamination of our toilet facilities.

Fuel, Oil & Gas 

A full tank of fuel is supplied with the vehicle at the commencement of hire and the hirer is expected to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. There will be a surcharge of £50 plus VAT, plus the cost of fuel for any fuel shortage. The hirer will be liable if incorrect fuel type is used. The hirer will be responsible for the regular checking of oil and water levels, and the use of the correct type of fluids. 

Some vehicles use “Ad Blue” for fuel economy. This is an additive, added to the filler cap adjacent to the Diesel filler cap. If Ad Blue runs low, a warning symbol will appear on the dashboard.

It is the customer’s responsibility to fill with Ad Blue in this situation. Ad Blue can be purchased prior to your departure and at petrol stations and is a clear fluid in 5 litre or 10 litre containers. If Ad Blue is not topped up when the warning symbol is displayed, the vehicle engine will go into a restricted mode reducing the speed of the vehicle, and if not topped up, the vehicle will be prevented from starting again until Ad Blue is filled. If a vehicle is returned with the Ad Blue warning light on, customer’s will be charged for an Ad Blue refill as per our Add Ons pricing, in addition to a refilling fee of £15.

Some of our vehicles are fitted with refillable gas bottles which can be refilled at any fuel station supplying LPG. These vehicles are supplied with a full tank of LPG gas & you must return the vehicle with a full tank of LPG gas.

Other vehicles are not fitted with LPG bottles, and customers can purchase gas from us supplied in Calor gas bottles. These do not need to returned full. There is no refund given for bottles returned either full or partially empty.


Suitable Persons 

Motorhome Escapes has the right to refuse to handover the Motorhome on arrival of the hirer to any person who in our opinion is not suitable to take charge of the vehicle, due to any concerns we have for the safety of the vehicle or its occupants or other road users. In this situation all monies paid to us will be refunded in full immediately. Motorhome Escapes will have no obligation whatsoever with regard to refunding any monies paid for campsites booked, events booked, travel booked, or any other circumstances.



Strictly no animals unless agreed upon prior to booking in an assigned “Pet Friendly” vehicle.



It is against the law to smoke in all hire vehicles. A fixed penalty notice of £200 plus VAT will be imposed if customers are found to have been smoking in our Motorhome. Or a maximum fine of the full Damage Deposit could be imposed if damage is caused by smoking.

Opening Hours 

Please be advised if looking into flights and travel requirements, that our standard opening hours are 9am to 5pm, with standard collection time of 3pm (or earlier with prior agreement) and standard return time of 11am. Vehicles are typically cleaned and prepared between 11am and 3pm. Briefings and vehicle handover typically take 30mins to 1hr 30 mins depending on size of party and questions etc. So please factor this in. For late arrivals after 5pm, depending on availability of our staff, we may be able to accommodate this, subject to an out of hours fee of £100 plus VAT.


Proper Law 

This agreement shall be governed by the law of Scotland in which this agreement was signed.


Registration of Hire Vehicle : 

Hire Period Start Date :

Hire Period End Date : 


Hirer :

I accept the terms and conditions herein.

Name of Hirer :


Address of hirer :

Signature of hirer :                                                        Date :

Driver 1 :

I accept the terms and conditions herein.

Name of driver 1:


Address of driver 1:

Signature of driver 1:                                                        Date :

Driver 2 :

I accept the terms and conditions herein.

Name of driver 2:


Address of driver 2:

Signature of driver 2:                                                        Date :


Driver 3 :

I accept the terms and conditions herein.

Name of driver 3:


Address of driver 3:

Signature of driver 3:                                                        Date :


Driver 4 :

I accept the terms and conditions herein.

Name of driver 4:


Address of driver 4:

Signature of driver 4:                                                        Date :

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