IMPORTANT Documents Required For Motorhome Insurance

Dear Customer,

Prior to your arrival, we do require you to email us certain documents.

These should please be emailed to

It is essential that you please provide these to us atleast 4 days in advance of arrival.  These are required by our insurers in order to meet the terms of our insurance. If these cannot be provided, we will not be able to insure the vehicle, and therefore will not be able to handover the vehicle to you.

  • Scan of photo of BOTH sides of the driving license for ALL drivers. You will also be required to present your license on arrival too.
  • ALL DRIVERS must attend the vehicle briefing at the collection address
  • An up to date DVLA Check code (only for UK license holders). Previous check codes are only valid for 3 weeks. You can get your check code here …
  • Essential : Two unique/independent forms of address verification from the following list of allowed documents (eg. one council tax statement plus a bank statement – not two bank statements from the same bank) …
    • Council tax (dated within 3 months of collection date)
    • TV/internet/landline telephone bill (including Sky/Virgin/BT etc) (dated within 3 months of collection date)
    • Bank or credit card statement (dated within 3 months of collection date)
    • Mortgage statement (dated within 3 months of collection date)
    • Electronic copies, and pictures are accepted as long as they show NAME, ADDRESS (to match that on your license), and date (date MUST BE WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF YOUR COLLECTION DATE).
    • If your statements are online, all online accounts WILL have a method to ‘download’ the statement. You can scan the document, take a photo, or screenshot the statement as long as we can see name, address and date.

Please note :

  • All drivers must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 36 months
  • All drivers must be aged between 28-70 unless prior agreed.
  • Drivers can have up to 6 points on their licence (providing they are two minor offences)
  • Drivers can have no more than one fault or non-fault claim within a 5 year

Thankyou very much.

The Motorhome Escapes team X

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